The client is in a critical state and it has to be adressed.

This topic is recurrent and redundant at this point, but I want Riot to acknowledge the state of the client. I've never seen an ingame's client be as unstable, buggy and as ressource hungry as League's client. Lately, a lot of players have been having an issue where the game just WONT load for you on the loading screen. You'll be literally stuck there, unable to join the game. 99% of the time, the game ends up in a Remake, and you losing LP. While the client is dreadful and theres literally dozens of other bugs, this bug in particular probably takes the cake for anyone that plays Ranked. Riot, you cannot have a client fail to load a game, forcing it into a remake and you into losing LP. It's absolutely unfair and legitimately makes me feel scared of queuing up for a game. This is how bad it's gotten. I'm actually scared to queue for a game, because I have no idea if your darn client is even gonna boot me in or be stuck on loading screen. Admitedly, it doesn't happen all that frequently, but having it happen at all is a disgrace. Ive been playing since Season 6, and only since this season have I seen this shit happen. Your playerbase shouldn't have to deal with such gamebreaking bugs for such an extended period of time, considering this has been going on for a few months at least. Can Riot please give us any info regarding the client's state and it's bugs?
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