@Riot, Can you please implement something to prevent first-time champions in Ranked?

Edit: the title might be confusing but basically it's saying that people should not be allowed to first-time champions in ranked Just had a ranked game where our Akali didn't tell us it was "first time reworked" Akali until we were actually in game. They proceeded to not gank top when they needed help, or come help me mid when I had people running at me to gank me. My first 2 or 3 deaths I definitely deserved because I got outplayed by my lane opponent. Many times after I would not get any help from Akali and my duo partner who was playing sup came to help me instead. I think having a requirement to play a champion ranked will help both sides, even if it's just a tiny bit. I don't have a great game if I have a first-timer in my group and I don't feel a sense of accomplishment if I win against a team who has a first time adc who decided to troll. It would be good to have a goal that players should achieve before they play a champ ranked. Maybe something like a hidden counter in the client or something to detect how many times you've played a champion. Minimum of 5 games in normals for newly introduced/just bought champions, and minimum 3 if it is a reworked champ they already have experience on. If a person tries to hover a champion, there will be a small popup saying "you need more experience playing this champion" or something. 5 games doesn't sound like a lot, but if each game averages 30-40 minutes, you're getting at least 3.5 hours of practice on a champion, and that's better than nothing. What are your thoughts? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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