Guys I'm literally crying right now

For 2 years I've lived with 1mbps. For 2 years I've lived with [mostly] reliable 480p streaming, blurry LCS matches, and the occasional bleeping of my team in LoL because my 1mpbs decided to turn into .2mbps mid-match. For 2 years I've been turned away from every other ISP but this because "Frontier is the only company that services your address." **Well.** Comcast Xfinity is finally servicing my address! Complain about comcast all you want, but you don't understand the sheer joy of seeing that 30 hour dark souls download reduced to 25 minutes! You don't KNOW what it's like getting to stream movies on your 4k tv above 480p! I may be an atheist, but when I found out, I dropped to my knees and prayed to Jesus.
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