Please fix AD bruisers

It has become a nightmare for top laners to lane vs Vladimir/Ryze/Mordekaiser. Basically any AP champ. All AP items are too bloody good, and AD bruisers who don't do % of health damage or true damage suck. I've started to exclusively play Mordekaiser top, it doesn't make sense torturing myself playing anyone else. Conqueror again helps AP heroes more, oh btw who came up with this "ranged conqueror nerf"? Exactly how does reducing conqueror reset timer to 6 from 8 help melee champs? Does Riot actually believe Melee champs stay in Melee range vs Mages? Are they this delusional? One god damn rune that bruisers can use and that one too is better on other classes. And let's also please talk about Armor vs MR Items. Can you guys please introduce MR items that can be used by AD Bruisers? As Mordekaiser I literally only have to build Tabi+Seekers, and we all know how broken and great Zhonya's is. If I build Thornmail on any Tank the AD bruiser is USELESS. I'm not exaggerating. I was getting my butt kicked by an Aatrox and I rushed bramble, and it was over. Aatrox was completely useless vs my Morde. Oh also, congrats on releasing Sett. He looks GREAT. Would be a shame if people picked Vayne top into him :)
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