I don’t understand what criteria Riot used to decide who gets traditional skins and who doesn’t

In regards to both reworks and simple model updates. Allow me to preface this though: I totally understand why several champions did not get traditional skins. For example, champions that practically received new kits couldn’t really keep a “traditional” look. Could you imagine Sion’s old model? It wouldn’t even work, it’s be totally ridiculous (but hilarious). So when champions receive brand new kits - I get it, it’s not feasible. But let’s look at my main, Nasus. To this day, I still don’t understand why you didn’t keep a traditional skin for him. People loved his original voice actor (the new one is still very good), and people never really thought his model was bad (except for the feet, Nasus had Jordan’s). In fact, to this day, I absolutely hate his new running animation and his new auto attack/Q animation. They look and feel so much clunkier. Back on point though... Old Nasus and new Nasus have the same exact kit. Nothing changed at all, other than some numbers and processes behind them. And if there was ever a time to keep a traditional skin, it was for original Nasus considering his VO passed away some time around his model update. This is randomly like 6 years later, I know. But it’s always kind of bothered me and I’ve never really thought much about it. It seems oddly inconsistent to not allow Nasus to keep a traditional skin, and honestly I don’t remember if Riot ever offered an explanation as to why not. Let me enjoy traditional Nasus, I miss the old model!
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