Fullscreen or Launcher?

In all the time I've played this game (which has been a few months) the launcher window has been my biggest issue with the game. Till this day I question why they don't just make the game one Fullscreen and not 2 different windows. My PC has problems with this as both windows (the in-game and launcher) eat up the same amount of memory/GPU storage and it slows down my PC till a point where I get lag spikes in-game where my ping sky rockets or my frames become basically non-existent. Everytime a match finishes, my entire PC freezes up and so do other apps like Discord or even Steam so I can't access anything while the launcher is trying to get the results from the match. It would just be so much faster and convenient if everything was in 1 window and all. I doubt I'm the only person that has talked about this but still, just putting it out there Debating if this should be in General Discussion
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