Why did Riot have to remove Graves from the bot lane?

With every rework Riot tries to keep the feel of the champion and hopefully tro to allow the champion to be played within the same lane like Kayle, Yorick, Morde, GP etc. But what happened with Graves? COMPLETELY removed from bot lane and I do not understand why. I would really love a response from Riot on why they felt like they had to remove Graves from the bot lane. And the worst part is, it's so easy to fix, if you increase his range to something like 500 or 525 and allow him to shoot through minions and take his knockback away then not only is he magically viable in the bot lane, he's also a unique ADC and yet they refuse to do it, it seems. They took a champion that so many ADC players loved to play and transformed him into a jungler, and it's possible to make him an ADC again like he should've been but nope. And I know some peope will say you can still play him as ADC, sure you *can* but it honestly feels so bad and it's so niche that I honestly would never even bother with it. I really would love a response from someone at Riot on why they feel like they had to rework Graves to the point that he's not an ADC anymore and also thier general thoughts on Graves. **EDIT** Shout out to u/GuineaSquirrel, the first comment on this thread for predicting that this rework would basically kill ADC Graves 4 years ago. https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/jnGRrEJW-graves-gameplay-update-feedback **EDIT 2** After dicsussion on here and furthur thought on people saying my proposed changes would make him op or make him op in the jungle I just want to say why I think it's balancable. * You could reduce the width of his aoe cone auto attack since he's gained extra range * You could tweak with his reload speed growth if you think he'd be too strong late game * You could also tweak how severely his auto attack damage falls off after the first target hit so his auto attacks aren't too strong.
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