I have a theory (quick poll)

Hey guys, I had a thought and I want to investigate how people have their keybinds and summoner spells set up. I'm fully aware that the whole flash on D or F (it's totally D btw) saga has been going on since the dawn of time, but I was less curious about D or F and more curious about why D or F. I theorised that players who use three fingers for QWER are more likely to have flash on D and players that use four fingers for QWER are more likely to have flash on F, because it is a shorter distance for your index to travel to press the flash button from it's natural resting place and therefore a quicker and more natural response. (3 for QWER, pinky on shift all the way). It would be really nice to answer the poll; it would satisfy my heated curiosity vastly. The poll is a bit confusing but I think it's relatively self-explanatory. **Options 1 and 2 are for flash on D, Options 3 and 4 are for flash on F and Options 5 and 6 are lesser more obscure options. (3f) = 3 fingers on QWER, (4f) = 4 fingers on QWER**. Feel free to post your set-up and reasoning in the comments. And if I get any downvotes because this question has been asked "too much" or because I openly admit to using three fingers for QWER and flash on D I'll be very sad. {{item:3070}} Also the one thing we can all agree upon is that the new logo looks disgusting.
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