Riot, please fix match making.

Riot please, come up with a better match making system. It doesn't make any sense to base someone's standing on win or loss of their team alone. There are so many factors that could have influenced that outcome; it is too binary and your game is far too dynamic for such generic way to quantify player skill and knowledge. I don't want auto wins. I don't want wins I didn't deserve. I don't want to be carried. I want to be grouped with peers and against peers. Personally I main support, solo queue ranked. Call me a sadist. But I shouldn't have to be so "good" that, that I'm twice the player of another on my team in order to carry them and break even. It's not fair and it's not fun. Case in point. I know most posts go like this, "I just had a game..", but I just had a game where I was grouped with an adc that hasn't played but one adc in forty matches, b1 with a winrate sub 50% with anything else he plays. Myself, I am s3 (or was) with a winrate of about 70-80% over the course of 20+ games or more. Now I feel like I'm being drug down in an undertow and my winrate is plummeting. I know many people think they are better than they are, but I don't believe that I am at the glass ceiling of my skill/play. I know because when I play with others of similar skill/rank that are legitimate I can tell the difference (and I'm not talking getting carried by gold or plat, I'm talking comparable gameplay vs. my mind being blown by how good they are and feeling out of my league). This isn't an isolated incident, but a fact of life that happens more often than not. There might be room for an argument that I should play a carry role or a specific "cheese" champ if I want to climb, but I don't feel I should have to play any specific role over another. If support is that weak and insignificant that one can't meaningfully impact the game consistently in the same way a carry can in games, then maybe it's testament that support needs balancing. Remove autofill, or at least allow the _option_ to autofill. I would much rather wait for longer queues for quality games. I would rather wait 20 minutes for a good match than spend 20 minutes in a horrible match bleeding LP through no fault of my own (not saying I don't mistakes, but plenty of times where I played spot on and was powerless to prevent a loss). I've said it before, and since I'm at it, I'll pitch it again: Players should own every champ before being allowed to play ranked, and I'll go even further to say, you should only be allowed to play champs you have mastery 5 or better with. To some that may sound harsh, but to me ranked is for serious dedicated play where people are invested and it's not fair to waste the time and energy of those players that are committed. Finally, why not base match making upon the players winrate with the roles he has queued for? I do appreciate the efforts rolling out to iron out ranked with the adding of two more tiers, but honestly, you could double all the tiers. There is way too much diversity in skill even in bronze/silver/gold. Maybe the upper levels of players don't run into these problems, but I can tell you that there is a sea of players in bronze and silver, or so it seems, so I know there is enough player base that this would benefit. I really am a fan of this game, and changes similar to these would greatly improve the quality of it. I can't be the only one that feels this way.
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