STOP making me play with premades!!

You queue for a casual match of normals because you want to have some casual fun and stay away from the frustration of soloQ. What does Riot reward you every single match? 3-4man premades. The main problem with premades as a solo player is you are cast to the sidelines, you literally can do nothing because nobody coordinates with you and you end up waiting until your premade groups up somewhere else on the map and win or you lose because the enemy premade groups up somewhere's stupid how unfun it turns the game into. You literally feel like the kid nobody wants on their team in gym class but the teacher makes you part of the team anyway, so you just run around while the other people play. League just became so frustrating to play, I don't see the point. Like I queue up with a 4man premade, 5min all lanes lose with 0-6 score...why even play...whats funny is that I end up getting penalized because I know I will get 4 AFK reports if I leave the game. Riot:" oh we are sorry we are autofilling you with a 4man premade, but please endure 20min+ of misery because we all know they aint forfitting or you will get banned" Fuck this game
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