Champions that are seriously a problem with dark harvest

{{champion:1}} If you land just ONE R on this champ it'll basically already put any thing to half health. The problem here is that dark harvest is just way too easy to proc because Annie as a champion is also braindead. {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} These champions with Liandrys just do too much DOT. It's not so much a matter of dark harvest being easy to proc, but how well dark harvest can synergize with Liandry's (especially with these champions) {{champion:131}} lol {{champion:28}} Considering her ult is an execution based ability, dark harvest on Eve is stupid. {{champion:81}} He has constant poke which makes it very easy for him to get enemies to half health. Afterwards, just W/Q or even just an R will kill with dark harvest {{champion:202}} having a guaranteed crit every four autos makes it so that dark harvest synergizes with him well too. Late game, if he has a fire cannon and if he needs to clean up a few kills, they're essentially guaranteed gold for him {{champion:30}} is by far the most broken champion with dark harvest. On his own, Karthus is not particularly strong, but if he just gets 2 single target Qs and an R, that's guaranteed a death for any opponent as long as he has this rune {{champion:99}} Like Ezreal, she has good poke and her ult's cooldown is significantly reduced when she gets a kill. When there is dark harvest active with her, it makes it borderline impossible to NOT get that ultimate reset as long as you have a few stacks. {{champion:21}} The fact that this champion has point and click burst/poke makes it even easier to proc dark harvest than Ezreal or Lux. Also, late game wise, with her Q crit dark harvest is certain to proc every time. {{champion:82}} He has the problem in the sense that he takes both dark harvest and shield bash. Shield bash gives him empowered Qs, which does a fuck ton to melee champions. This lets him get melees to half health incredibly easily. The obvious solution here is to nerf shield bash, which in that case would then balance out his dark harvest synergy (which is only mediocre on its own without shield bash). {{champion:555}} Q + R {{champion:142}} Q {{champion:238}} Since his passive is based off 50% health, using dark harvest on him makes his passive broken. But like Karthus, he himself isn't especially amazing without dark harvest {{champion:101}} Poke. Just like Ezreal.
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