League of Hypocrisy

Riot Games sued over allegations of sexual harassment, pay disparity
Two women-one who used to work at Riot Games, and one who currently does-have now sued the game studio, alleging violations of California equal pay laws, sexual harassment, and discrimination. Just three months ago, in August 2018, Kotaku published an extensive story outlining a "culture of sexism" inside the company behind League of Legends.
I LOVE how Riot believes they are arbiters of justice on the rift, banning people for exercising their freedom of speech. They are so righteous and so perfect that they can dole out bans to anyone on the rift for exercising free speech. Riot is the pinnacle of morality. Literal angels, so morally perfect that they just don't tolerate any type of discrimination or negative speech. OH WAIT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA They forced their employees to wave their right to sue over sexual harassment, opting to resolve these matters through arbitration instead (private judges that don't dish out real punishments). Which is worse: typing an offensive word to a username through text over a screen, or sexually harassing a female in real life? Obviously the latter, yet Riot gets no punishment and we get a 14-day ban. Riot is a joke of a company, their banning system is beyond stupid. Total hypocrisy, they act like they are angels and then sexually harass women in real life. Fix your stupid ban system Riot, if I enable profanity I should be able to communicate and speak profanity to the shit players that deserve to be flamed. You guys are total hypocrites, setting an unrealistic standard for your players to achieve, while your employees can sexually harass women and have no legal ramifications.
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