Please stop making us watch LCS/MSI/w/e for quests.

Just give us the "Deal 10k damage" or "Place 3 wards". Why are you forcing me to watch pro-games that I have zero interest in to continue my quest-line? Are you really this desperate for people to watch pro-play now? It's boring, there is nothing new going on in the pro-scene cause the game has been in the same state for the last 3 seasons. There are no real new comps, no new items, nothing to knock me off my feet and go "oh wow, that was cool, I had no idea you could do that". At most you will get someone out-flashing someone else or maybe get a penta-kill from a carry. Woohoo. Every build is the same, every comp is the same, every game is the same. I would rather watch grass grow, at least I will get some fresh air out of that experience.
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