Hello jojo fans

i came here to say that your fanbase is shit. You fucks see your meme anime in everything. New Pokemon Trailer Come out - JOJO LOL some one does a pose - JOJO EPIC a person has muscles - ORA ORA XD Then you go and comment on every song that get referenced. i cant go into the comment section of a queen song without seeing QUIET LIFE MAN XD You fucks also believe that you a superior to all anime. LOL JOJO IS SO AWSOME EPIC ITS BEST ANIME. Your fanbase is split into two cancerous parts. animeonly and manga readers. AnimeOnly are Cancer because they think magical breath powers with no define logic is amazing. MangaReaders are Cancer because they think they are better than anyone because they read a comic book. Also you guys forget one thing jojo is not a table top rpg video game cartoon its a fucking anime
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