SO got all my rant posts deleted

Like isn't the rant board the place I am meant to express my frusttions openly. I bet that the pople who fed in my games did not even get a freaking warning. 0 9-cool, 2 11-also cool. But calling someone an idiot oh boy. What kind of snowflake board is this. "We remove your post in the rant section because you called rioters idiots and incompetent". Just remove the entire section if you are going to ban posts for so little of an offence. Besides I only used idiot and stupid as insults, those are not fucking big insults. Ban worth? Really? Did I tell someone to commit suicide-NO. Yet my post got removed. IN THE RANT SECTION. Even though it says that the board rules are applied more freely there and strong language is allowed to express frustration there is no such thing.
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