What's the deal with "E'Girls" In League?

Okay, I'm gonna be real and honest here, a lot of times I don't like saying I am a girl when playing League because I am afraid of the, I guess you can say "pressure" that comes with it. I usually don't care about the usual jokes of all girls playing support or only playing girl champions, my issue is mostly getting creeped on by guys, particularly those that don't understand I am taken or say "I just say I am a lesbian to avoid directly rejecting them" (yes that's an actual excuse i've gotten). I'm not gonna come here and lecture and say like misogyny or stuff like that, because I don't think that's the way to solve this, I am mostly here to ask, why the "hate", mockery (or on the other) side huge obsession to girls that play League? Where does it come from and why is so easy to find it in like, any League related conversation and matches, particularly now with the new champion out and the whole "full girl Diamond pro team" drama. Is something I legit don't understand.
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