1st, adjust monster spawn time so bot lane or top lane does not have to leash jungler, therefore they are less likely to get pushed/cheesed and ff at 15. 2st, if u die with baron buff, your champion re-spawn time should be doubled as punishment, therefore making the game more comeback-able, everyone loves a killer comeback especially for the audience no? 3rd, add ice dragon, ur basic attack and abilities now slow the enemy champions by %5/10/15 for 1 second 4th, add elementary towers and choices, top/mid/bot each get to choose what kinda tower they want in their lanes, for example, if mid chooses ice tower, it slows nearby enemy champions, mountain towers are less vulnerable to non true damage, air tower does aoe damage, infernal towers boost nearby champions damage, ocean tower heals nearby allies, etc. YOU ARE WELCOME RIOT.
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