Perma Banned for supposed "3rd Party Exploits" followed by an inhumanly Cold and Vague Riot Response

I am really, really disappointed with Riot. I have played this game for years, and truly had fun (and the occasional salt, but who doesn't?), and I never had any issues until yesterday. My recent encounter has me pretty shocked at the low level of customer support and response I was given. Yesterday, I found that my account had been "permabanned" due to supposed "3rd party exploits." Now I have put significant hours into league, and would never want to jeopardize the account by using any outside programs, and the only 3rd party program I have ever used was Lolwiz, which I've seen many people use, so I can't imagine that to be the reason. So there are two possibilities I see that resulted in my permaban: 1. Riot's anti cheat system automation noticed my unusually high KDA (perfect games) in intermediate bot games (I am a gold/plat level player so I farm the sh* out of bots) and it just automatically permabanned me due to high numbers, disregarding the type of game it was 2. I noticed there were several normal/ARAM games a couple weeks back that I definitely didn't play (there were some Vayne/Ornn games, and I don't really play them). Meaning my account had been compromised, and it was possible that someone had my account information and was playing using 3rd party programs resulting in the ban. I am hoping option 2 is the most likely reason, because option 1 would just indicate their programming incompetency (a simple filter of bot games in your automated scans would identify/prevent this). I opened a ticket and tried talking to a support staff, and essentially, I was repeated this over and over: * Sorry, you are permabanned. * I can't tell you why, but you used 3rd party exploits. * End of the line for your account. No joke. I have pasted the chat log below unedited as returned to me through email. I did get a little upset towards the end of the chat because I was getting frustrated out of my mind. Basically, Riot had conducted an investigation (or automated bans), made their decision, and finalized it without giving me the option to dispute or even discover what I was accused of. I tried telling them that my account could have been compromised, and pretty much I was ignored and the Rioter told me that it wasn't someone else, but that I had played them. I told them to check IPs to compare, and they didn't even bother and just kept saying it was me. I still don't know what it is my account was banned for because they wouldn't tell me. I have spoken to Blizzard's customer support before, and let me tell you, they are on another level. A significantly higher one. I am really disappointed in Riot's decision process, reinvestigations (you don't get one), their customer support, and in general, attitude. They give second chances to toxic pro players and boosters, but they won't offer a simple reinvestigation or the common courtesy to let you know the actual reasons or communicate openly to the average customer. They could do so much better, and it really is unfortunate. Really don't know what more to say. Let me know what you think. Chat started: 2017-12-16 10:27 PM UTC (10:27:57 PM) Arowez: I received an email stating that I used third party programs when I have never done so. I went online and checked lolking or used lolwiz but that is the extent to any "3rd party programs." I played a couple games against intermediate bots yesterday, and then for some reason I got a ban. (10:29:29 PM) Player Support Bot: Hey! We’re getting a ton of new chats right now. It may take upwards of 30 minutes to get to your chat, but if you sit tight we’ll help you out as soon as we can. If you’re not about that waiting in line lifestyle, you can always submit a ticket instead! (10:30:29 PM) *** Cammy White joined the chat *** (10:30:31 PM) Cammy White: Whats up (10:30:47 PM) Arowez: Hello (10:31:04 PM) Arowez: I wanted to dispute my account suspension (10:31:24 PM) Cammy White: okay, sure let me look into your account real quick to see whats going on (10:31:49 PM) Arowez: Thank you (10:32:56 PM) Cammy White: alright I checked your account and unfortunately this does look like your account has been involved in 3rd party exploits. I was also unable to see any signs of unauthorized activity on the account, meaning any disciplinary action that has taken place on your account is under your responsibility as the account owner. (10:33:25 PM) Arowez: May I ask what 3rd party exploits you think was used? (10:33:44 PM) Arowez: You must have a basis for that reasoning, and which games (10:34:41 PM) Cammy White: I cannot disclose what programs were found to be in use only that our anti cheat system noticed them and banned the account to maintain the integrity of League as a whole (10:34:52 PM) Cammy White: Sadly it does look like the ban is placed correctly (10:34:58 PM) Arowez: May i ask which games (10:35:19 PM) Cammy White: I cannot get into those details as well due to potentially compromising ongoing investigations. (10:35:20 PM) Arowez: It would help me at least understand where you are coming from, because I have never used any programs (10:36:49 PM) Arowez: This is pretty frustrating. I have played League for years without using any 3rd party programs other than maybe LolWiz, which I have seen pro players use. (10:37:40 PM) Cammy White: well I am unable to get into what specific programs were used, but I can see that they were used and we will have to keep the ban in place (10:37:55 PM) Arowez: What type of program was it? (10:38:03 PM) Arowez: supposedly? (10:38:27 PM) Cammy White: I cannot disclose that info (10:38:32 PM) Arowez: Maybe you don't have to give me a name, but I am at a loss of what could be the reason (10:38:45 PM) Arowez: Can you identify the IP address location for the specific games played? (10:38:56 PM) Arowez: I did notice one or two games a couple weeks ago that I didn't play (10:38:59 PM) Arowez: showed up (10:39:17 PM) Arowez: maybe a vayne game or something, and I never really play that champion, but I didn't give it too much thought (10:39:34 PM) Cammy White: I cannot get into that info either, sadly (10:39:35 PM) Arowez: My account could have been compromised (10:40:58 PM) Arowez: Looking over my games on lolking, I actually can see 5-6 games on vayne/ornn on Aram that I ididn;t play for sure (10:41:04 PM) Cammy White: I checked that and I mentioned that there were no signs of unauthorized access to the account at the time. (10:42:13 PM) Arowez: How can you say that when I never played those games? And I didn't play? (10:42:28 PM) Arowez: You must have a record of the location (10:42:43 PM) Arowez: that might indicate its from a different (10:42:47 PM) Arowez: location (10:42:56 PM) Cammy White: As I mentioned I cannot get into the details of when the exploits were used only that we detected them and banned the account because of this (10:43:44 PM) Arowez: Can you reinvestigate? (10:43:58 PM) Arowez: I've literally put hundreds of hours into the game, and I have never personally once cheated. (10:44:16 PM) Arowez: If my account was compromised and somebody else is playing on it, it seems unfair that you would ban the account (10:44:25 PM) Cammy White: I have looked over it multiple times and unfortunately, the ban will have to remain. (10:44:27 PM) Arowez: without a thorough investigation (10:45:09 PM) Arowez: So your solution for someone else logging into other people's accounts is to just ban without questions? (10:46:01 PM) Arowez: I'm trying to better understand your process here, and it seems really one sided. (10:46:24 PM) Cammy White: we have conducted an investigation into this account saw the use of 3rd party exploits and banned the account because of the use of them. I will be unable to remove the suspension on your account and I can confirm this was not a mistake (10:46:39 PM) Arowez: What can I do to lift the ban (10:46:44 PM) Arowez: or reinvestiage (10:46:50 PM) Arowez: reinvestigate( (10:46:57 PM) Arowez: or talk to someone who can (10:47:43 PM) Cammy White: at this point sadly this is the end of the line for the account. it will remain banned and there is nothing that can be done to lift it honestly. (10:48:21 PM) Arowez: Then what is stopping you from letting me know what it is that I supposedly did? (10:48:41 PM) Arowez: If you have conducted your investigation, why can you not tell me the conclusion. (10:48:55 PM) Cammy White: We don't want to comprompise ongoing investigations, that is why we cannot get into the exact details. (10:48:58 PM) Arowez: I obviously want to keep playing, but I don't konw what it is (10:49:02 PM) Arowez: that I did (10:49:10 PM) Arowez: and I definitely haven't used any 3rd party software (10:49:22 PM) Arowez: so help me better understand. (10:49:41 PM) Arowez: what ongoing investigation? You just told me you concluded it (10:49:45 PM) Arowez: and I can't do anything about it. (10:49:54 PM) Arowez: how is that ongoing? (10:51:55 PM) Arowez: May I speak to someone who can actually help. I feel I am talking to a wall. (10:52:04 PM) Cammy White: if we told players what programs were okay and not okay then that would defeat the purpose of banning accounts for exploits. I get that it is frustrating to not be able to get more info on this, but I can confirm that there were no compromises on your account and the ban was placed correctly. (10:53:07 PM) Arowez: I can assure you now that your investigation is flawed, because I definitely didn't play those games, and clearly Riot thinks I did. (10:53:54 PM) Arowez: You say I did, yet you cannot tell me whether those games originated from a different location in relation to other games (10:54:03 PM) Arowez: on different days. (10:54:38 PM) Arowez: You keep saying the account wasn't compromised, yet I am the account holder, and I am telling you that it was. (10:55:14 PM) Cammy White: Well, I get that you want to fight for it, but our stance is firm on this account and we will be unable to remove the ban on your account. (10:55:54 PM) Arowez: Its not about even fighting for it at this point. Its about getting details and understanding your decision process. (10:56:20 PM) Arowez: You are not providing me with any details. (10:56:48 PM) Cammy White: I am providing you as much detail as I am able to, I get that it is not enough for you, but we take cheating really seriously. (10:56:55 PM) Arowez: Thats great (10:57:02 PM) Arowez: and I agree with that wholeheartedly (10:57:07 PM) Arowez: I report botters all the time. (10:57:33 PM) Arowez: Now I just want to understand what it is I am standing accused of (10:57:44 PM) Arowez: botting? scripting? using a VPN? like what? (10:58:10 PM) Arowez: Im not asking you to tell me the exact program you think I used, I'm trying to figure out WHAT it is im accused of (10:58:32 PM) Cammy White: 3rd party exploits and thats as much info that I can give you, we are going around in circles about this and I will need to close this chat soon to help other players but I have given you as much info as I am able (10:58:46 PM) Arowez: Who can I speak with higher up (10:59:02 PM) Arowez: May I speak with your supervisor (10:59:04 PM) Arowez: or manager (10:59:05 PM) Cammy White: You have reached the highest point of escalation (10:59:39 PM) Arowez: Can you please give me another point of contact? (11:00:08 PM) Cammy White: I will be unable to, even if you were to speak with another agent they would tell you the same thing (11:01:16 PM) Arowez: Who conducted the investigation (11:01:56 PM) Cammy White: our anti cheat system did, I mentioned that previously. If there are no new questions I will need to close this chat soon as I have explained our stance on your account multiple times (11:02:11 PM) Arowez: Anti cheat system, is that automated? (11:03:09 PM) Cammy White: I cannot discuss how our anti cheat system works or any details about it. (11:04:39 PM) Arowez: So you can't tell me if a person actually looked over my account? Or if you just have an automated system placing permanent bans? (11:05:36 PM) Cammy White: I am unable to get into exact details of our system (11:05:51 PM) Arowez: I assume its an automation then, since you don't have any details (11:05:59 PM) Arowez: Great customer support (11:06:56 PM) Cammy White: I get that you are frustrated but if there are no new questions I will need to close this chat (11:07:58 PM) Arowez: Of course I am frustrated. You haven't told me anything (11:08:07 PM) Arowez: other than that you can't divulge any information (11:08:11 PM) Cammy White: Correct (11:08:18 PM) Arowez: lol (11:08:49 PM) Arowez: Don't you think thats funny? You can't actually help your customer understand your decision or reasons? (11:09:10 PM) Arowez: And most importantly, you are unwilling to do a reinvestigation? (11:09:31 PM) Arowez: Cammy, can I ask you, do you think that is good customer support? (11:09:34 PM) Arowez: Honesetly (11:09:38 PM) Arowez: honestly, your opinion (11:09:53 PM) Arowez: I know your hands are tied to whatever script you are allowed to say (11:10:00 PM) Arowez: and divulge, which is nothing (11:10:57 PM) Arowez: But do you think that it is good to leave your customers in the dark, and unable to understand details regarding something they have put significant time into? (11:11:32 PM) Arowez: I am not blaming you personally, because its probably Riot standards (11:11:55 PM) Arowez: I want a human response. Not an automated one. (11:11:56 PM) Cammy White: I would say that this is the correct way to deal with exploits to make sure that the system is not exploited (11:14:08 PM) Arowez: And if I truly wanted to exploit, why would I bother about understanding the details? I would make a new account and just exploit again right? I am upset because I am being accused of something I didn't commit, yet Riot shows no compassion or willingness to reinvestigate. (11:14:38 PM) Arowez: Seems very machinelike and cold (11:15:33 PM) Arowez: A one way street. Riot says you did it. I guess you did it. Doesn't even bother discussing with the customer. (11:15:57 PM) Cammy White: well regardless of that we have gone over this issue with multiple times and I have said we will need to close the chat. I will do that here momentarily (11:16:07 PM) Arowez: Thats fine. I understand. (11:16:18 PM) Arowez: Just saying, try to help them change Cammy. (11:16:29 PM) Arowez: See if you can make Riot better. (11:16:48 PM) Arowez: Actually follow up on your investigations and let your customers know details. (11:17:48 PM) Arowez: Help your customers know that you actually care. (11:17:56 PM) Cammy White: I always do (11:18:14 PM) Cammy White: I will take into account your suggestions and try to make riot better (11:18:25 PM) Cammy White: I hope that you have a good rest of your day and I will be closing chat now (11:19:23 PM) *** Cammy White left the chat ***
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