Rune pages being reset every time I log into the client

This bug has continued to happen within the past month (May 2019), I keep having my runes deleted and having the basic 5 runes to work with until I make the rune pages again. This wasn't an issue the first time but now it's really starting to annoy me. I usually have about 7 rune pages ready to go depending on match ups and team comp but I've been having to continuously having to make rune pages on the fly right before a game because of this problem. Sometimes I don't even get to finish the page when the game loads up which sucks cause I've been reporting the bug to Riot and nothing has changed and I'm tired of this when all I want to do is hop in a game and do minor tweaks to my rune pages if at all for a match up not a whole page. Like honestly Riot it's not that hard to fix all I'm asking is to take 5 mins of your day to make sure this bug doesn't occur anymore to me or anyone for that matter, hell even a e-mail would be nice. I honestly feel like I'm wasting time reporting the bug to Riot because I never feel like they do anything to help unless its a MAJOR ISSUE (if that), so I'm stuck with having to work this out myself which sucks as a player of League of Legends since 2013 but hey I guess they only really help you if you're a Pro player (Faker, Uzi, Jensen, etc.) or someone beneficial to them (Imaqtpie, Tyler1, Shiptur, etc.). I really hope I'm wrong and they fix this issue and make me regret doubting them but for right now it looks like they are money hungry and could careless about what their community thinks of them such as long as they get exposure as a brand and bring in more money to the company. Anyways hopefully I figure this bug out and help anyone out with this similar issue because a multi million dollar company doesn't feel obligated to do so.
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