What are some things you’re hoping for in preseason?

For me, personally, I wish support quests would come back — even if they’re not exactly the same as they were. I honestly don’t remember why they were removed on the first place. If someone wants to remind me, feel free. If it had something to do with a balance issue, if they wanted to bring it back in a much watered down version, I’d totally be down for that. I’m also hoping that the leaks were true about the map being changed up on Summoner’s Rift (whether it be rotating maps or just one different map; I’d be fine with either). And Senna, of course. She’s pretty much guaranteed at this point, though. Really the only thing I’m “hoping” for about her is for her to be like something we don’t have but not be overloaded How about you guys? I’m so hyped for tomorrow!!!
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