I'm a new player and I don't understand how this game is so popular

I've been introduced to league by a friend of mine long time ago(he does not play anymore) and I've been playing few games every mounth. I can't bring myself to enjoy playing this game and here are the main reasons: 1- Why is everyone so toxic? I recently played ranked games and I had some people flaming the hell out of me or even going AFK because I'm lvl 30. Like seriously these guys were lvl 30 at some point too no? 2- I don't understand the" class" concepts, tanks are assasins with less damage and more resists/health Ranged carries have BPS and not DPS and assassins just one spell rotation kill me in 2 seconds. Why is dying so easy. 3- It says it's a "strategic" game but aside from competing around who will oneshot who first and take dragon/baron I don't see much stragic gameplay. 4- Why is the client so bugged? Riot games is a freacking huge compagny why can't they fix one of the most important things il the game? Legit every time I decided to play league I encountered some annoying bug EVERYTIME. I'm thinking about playing some more games to see if I can start to enjoy it but I'm sure I'll just end uninstalling
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