Hello guys..... it seems Riot has washed her hands of the disconnect issue and is fully blaming AVG / Avast antivirus software (Btw they are the same company). I took it upon myself to call the headquarters in California and I spoke to their tech support team. We first disable the antivirus software and League of Legends worked .We then troubleshot AVG by adding exceptions to the League of Legends client. Exe file as well as going into the " hackers" portion of the software and allowing blocked apps. This enabled me to play League of Legends for about 10 seconds before it kicked me out and said reconnect yet again. He then said we have several options ,first one being troubleshooting which we did the second option would be for them to remote into your computer and run a troubleshooting app that will let them know what is conflicting with League of Legends. If you don't feel comfortable with letting them remote into your computer the third option is for them to send you an email with a link to the app so you could run it yourself thus providing them the necessary information needed so that their software team can come up with a resolution to Riots problem. The more people that call the faster this can get streamlined and the faster AVG can fix Riot's problem. If any of you guys have the time to call it seems that we can only help ourselves..... the number to the headquarters in California is..1(925)732-4274. Thanks guys I hope this helps .
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