The Boards community is extremely toxic

i've noticed that if you do not agree with something that goes against riot, you will be crucified, i see alot of posts complaining about certain things like power creep and to do with how one mistake can ruin the game, or how the balancing team is trash, or how x, y and z, however if anyone disagrees, they are downvoted and crucified, no one listens to balanced arguments in this board, it's just full of pure hate and ignorance, i've tried making valid points before on this board only to get downvoted for having an honest opinion, you push all the views of those who disagree with you to the very bottom so no one is allowed to form an opinion other than the ones you align yourself with I've been playing league for almost i'd say 6 years now, the community on that game is toxic as hell, but i just feel like this board pushes the stereotype, that league in and of itself is an extremely toxic cesspool, all everyone ever does in this board is nag and complain, some have valid points, but more often than not there's nothing but bias'd opinions and toxicity, no one listens to the others opinions and no one cares to adapt.
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