AutoFill is redundant and here is why.

RIOT : "Hey guys we just implemented this AutoFill feature to save time when queuing". <---Redundant Get rid of AutoFill. Nobody wants to SUPP unless they queue for it. SUPP is a major role on the team and it's arguably the hardest one for people unfamiliar with it. If you just stuff someone in the SUPP role for the sake of AutoFill then the team will more than likely lose. @RIOT likes posting dumb statistics about how players who flame less win XX% more of games. How about they show us the statistics for wins on teams with/without AutoFilled SUPPs? "But if we turn off AutoFill then you will have to wait a long time for a match!" So what? I already have to wait a long time for a match because everybody who gets AutoFilled into SUPP just dodges or trolls the entire lobby until someone else dodges. I queue for ADC/TOP. I get ADC and then the SUPP dodges. This happens about 10 times in a row and takes about 15 minutes, on top of the 2-4 minutes it takes to find a match because nobody knows how to press the ready button. Then we finally get into a lobby where nobody dodges. You know why nobody dodges? Because I JUST GOT AUTOFILLED INTO SUPP.
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