This is Riot's statement regarding bringing newly-released/reworked champions into Ranked

> Releasing a new champion or a major champion update is a big deal for us and for players, especially at the slower release cadence we use these days. After the teasing and the hype and the spotlights, we want players to be able to try the champion out right away. For players whose primary way to engage in League is through ranked (and that’s a lot of players) a week can feel like a long time, especially since the champion will have been on the PBE before that. I'm sorry, is Ranked matches a place to practice new stuff or to play hardcore, win & climb further? Sure the chances of someone possibly 1st timing a Tryndamere in 2018 is a middle to high chance right now, but a champion that just got released/rework is literally above 90% at the time, and all of us do not even know who, in either my team or the enemy's, has a PBE account. > However, we sympathize with the basic problem you're hinting at, of someone going into ranked with a champion they have never played before, and having your team possibly pay the price. While we think the new Practice Mode will help some with this problem, we also have discussed requiring you to play with the champion & even if it's as little as one game & before you take him or her into ranked. No concrete plans at the moment, but it's something we'll keep on our radar. 2 years later, still nothing. No "_play this champ 5 times in Normals first_" condition(this is a random example), not 1 week restriction, nothing. Ranked matches is still something to avoid queuing during the first 2 weeks after a new/reworked champion is released. Hell, I doubt people even use Practice Tool as a means of practicing stuff, rather than fucking around & throws 100 bushes as Ivern.
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