Can we give Ahri more skill expression?

^ Because her kit is so straight forward and predictable and her skillcap got nerfed every time, her skill expression just went down and down. If you look here: NA: Bronze: 52.96 Silver: 54.26 Gold: 53.47 Platinum: 52.95% Diamond: 50.86% Master: 48.55% Challenger: 48.08% Her winrate just goes down and down when players start to learn to sidestep better and just understand the matchup more. She does good in elos where players can land charm and the enemy arent really willing to learn how to play against her. She is too reliant on a single skillshot to have an existent. If you look any other champ in game, they aren't gated by an unreliable skillshot in order to be useful. Other champs has many other form of damage other than their cc ability. Their cc is only for cc, not really for damage. But for Ahri it is everything. Her kit needs more skill expression. I noticed this while playing Akali who has around 40% winrate right now. Despite her low winrate, I found that she feels MUCH more satisfying to play than Ahri and also have much more carrying potential than her as well. It is not like Ahri's winrate is lower winrate, infact she is considered too strong right now. But, Akali who is supposed to be weaker than Ahri when only viewing winrate, just feels much better. Why is this the case? It is Riot's constant nerfing of her kit. Both indirectly and directly. She was nerfed A LOT throughout many seasons. Many dont notice this, and when they see any buff, they go crazy. However, there is more to this. Her kit is just very outdated. The reworks she get actually makes her more outdated than more inline with newer champs. Ahri doesnt have an identity, which is also the reason for why she feels weak. Solution: Make Ahri's W a skill shot, make Ahri's passive into passive similar to Zoe. This encourages Ahri player to play more aggressive and to auto as much between combos. Her W wont be a targetted ability, so it would be a nerf to her reliability. Ahri can have a lot of damage if her kit did not have much reliable damage, but she does. Her W and R damage makes up a huge amount of her kits damage, which makes her unable to get meaningful power to it. Riot constantly nerfed it because it was too reliable. So, making it less reliable, making her W become a skillshot, we may see her get more overall damage buff. The range on her W should not be low either. The problem with Ahri is that her range on W and R is really low and her Q and E range is average. Which is fine if W and R offered not just damage. But her R offers mobility, but her W offers nothing but damage. It is a very boring ability. Make it more interesting. That is it for my rant.
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