Riot, is this really who you want representing you?

NOTE: I know this is really long, but at least read the "My choice?" part. That one especially was what led me to type all this out. Daniel Z Klein is a System's Designer that works for Riot who made a series of public tweets in response to the recent PAX ordeal. For those of you not in the loop, men were barred from entering a certain panel until 2:30. Remember, this guy is a representation of Riot's image, regardless of his exact position. ----------------------- **"This reddit thread about some events we're hosting at PAX being open to women and non-binary people only was just as much of a toxic landfill as I expected it to be"** Good start. Calling your player base a toxic landfill. Good professional practice. ---------------------- **"The most commonly thrown around arguments are that this is being sexist against men, just like racism, and that you can't fix a problem by doing the opposite of what that problem is.** **Cool.** **That's all bullshit."** No, that's not bullshit. That's just how 'isms' get worked around. Trying to obtain equality with opposing action just causes conflict and often times reverts progress that was previously made. You need to set a precedent that no one is discriminated against for something they were born with unless it impairs them from adequately performing a required action. ------------------------------------------------- **"Systemic sexism and racism exist at the intersection of bigotry and power dynamics. Racism isn't just being called the n-word, it's that + no one caring when you protest + not being given a loan a white person would have gotten + being shot by the police for no reason"** Again, wrong. Racism is *discriminating against someone based on their race.* That's it. It's really and truly as simple as that. You don't need to be shot by the police to be on the receiving end of racism. ---------------------------------- **"Men are RIDICULOUSLY over-represented in gaming; they're listened to when women are ignored, promoted when women are passed over, lauded for speaking out when women are being called "difficult to work with"."** Men are definitely more recognized in gaming, but they're not over-represented. If I'm not mistaken, roughly 95% of the active player base for LoL is male, right? As for that other stuff, that seems like something that only comes with being in the gaming business. I wouldn't know anything about that, so I won't comment. Maybe Riot in particular does all that regularly, but I wouldn't know. ---------------------------- **"I imagine the same power dynamics apply to cosplay and fan events. I'm sure women are objectified and harassed, both verbally and with unwanted physical contact. I'm sure they're spoken over and made to feel unwelcome at events like these."** I've gone to a cosplay event for the past 8 years, and I've never once witnessed any form of objectification, harassment, or unwanted physical contact. Of those 8 years, 4 have been with my girlfriend. She has had zero incidents involving others. Of course, this is purely anecdotal evidence, but I guarantee you the vast majority of women do not feel unwelcome coming to cosplay and fan events. I'd bet my life and soul on that. -------------------- **"So yes, in the interest of justice, equality, and fairness, men need to be excluded sometimes."** No they don't, that's the exact opposite of justice and equality. ----------------- **"That's perfectly fine."** No, it isn't. ------------------ **"Trust me, you'll have about a billion other opportunities that these women won't have."** No, I won't. Maybe like, a few more if we're being extremely generous. But I assure you my options aren't as unlimited as you're leading on. ---------------- **"But no, you have to be absolute overgrown toddlers and throw hissy fits."** Childish and over-exaggerated insults toward your player base who simply want true equality, nice. ---------------- **"When one group has too much and one has too little, some must be taken from the group that has too much."** Too much? Too much of what? What do I have too much of? Too much ability to enter panels whenever I want? Women have literally the exact same power to do that as I do. What are you even talking about? -------------- **"That sucks, and if you're used to being catered to your entire life and always being made to feel like the most special boy in the room, the above will be your reaction."** You know, just being a non-minority doesn't guarantee you a good life. Also, nice condescension with the "special boy" bit. ----------------- **"If you've never had to think about this for a minute in your life, congratulations, you're privileged as fuck and have been benefiting from a system that makes the lives of other people hell. I sincerely hope these manbabies crying in that thread will grow up some day. But I know most of them won't. That's their choice. "** So, if I've never thought about how stuff has to be taken away from me/my gender and given to another, I'm privileged and benefiting from this 'system' that's making other peoples' lives hell? You know, there are women and minorities who actually don't have this viewpoint. Are they privileged and benefiting from this same system? This point falls over its own logic. Also nice going back to childish and condescending insults, again. ------------------- > **"My choice?** _**My choice is to reject them from my spaces. They're not welcome here, they're not welcome in gaming anymore.**_ **To strive towards justice, we sometimes have to be harsh and exclusionary.** You heard it folks. An official member of Riot's own team is flat out saying, without any possible misconstrued words, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that men are no longer welcome at the PAX panel or even in gaming. And the only solution to rid of us once and for all, is to be "harsh and exclusionary". I'm not even going to comment on this. It speaks for itself. ------------------ **"And that's okay."** No, it isn't. ------------------- **"PS: here's a picture of Kaylee who thinks women and non binary people are wonderful and deserve to be in gaming and she just wants to sit in your lap and purr."** Yes, some women are wonderful. Some men are wonderful too. And I haven't met any in person, but I'm sure some non-binary people are wonderful as well. And YES I agree they should all be able to equally participate in gaming. As a side note, they should all ALSO equally be allowed to visit PAX panels any time they're open and available. Also, that's a dog. Dogs don't purr. Cats do. --------------------------------- I usually have no comment on stuff like this, but this is just way out of line and incredibly unprofessional. Even if he supports the decision to make the panel exclude males until later, (which really, no one should support that idea) there are MUCH better ways of doing so. Everyone will still disagree with you, but at least you'd be left with a shred of dignity and respect. But this? This is just a shameful display. If I was a Rioter, I'd be embarrassed just reading that. Knowing that so many people will look at those words and equate them to the entirety of my company and not just this individual. Also, no. I will not "Fuck off and sea lion somewhere else." as you so eloquently put.
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