The Twisted Treeline Farewell Rewards For Dedicated Players

When the removal of the Twisted Treeline was announced, Riot said they were going to give rewards to the most dedicated of TT players. While I'm glad for us to be getting anything, 2 icons and an emote for only 100 games doesn't really seem like rewards for the most **dedicated ** of players. What about the players who have 500+ games, me personally I sit at around 1700 games on the Treeline. While I know we can't expect our own skin and I wouldn't ask for a whole skin, I had the idea of perhaps giving players with 500 or more games a Vilemaw/Twisted Treeline themed chroma for base Elise. I put together a quick little possible color theme just to give an idea. I was just surprised there weren't any rewards for players who have been actively playing it over the years is all and this would definitely feel like a reward to TT players who have dedicated their time to the mode.
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