@Riot, Why I quit LoL

Sounds like you guys want to bring players back to the game.... so I thought I would share with you why I quit to help you out. 1 Builds: When I first started every hero had AP and AD in their stats and you could build either way. After that a lot of my other builds got destroyed also.... it really seems like you focused on ONE way of building each hero. With only one way to build each hero that meant only one mastery set up, one rune set up and one item build would work. .... why have all these items.... when there is only ONE way to build a hero? 2 Hero reworks: #MakeJannaSexyAgain Janna was my first hero and I loved her and how she looked. But she was reworked to be less sexual to please people... and you can look at "Kingdom Come" and see you can taunt these people and bash them and it wont effect sales. Because the people complaining about this kind of stuff DO NOT PLAY VIDEO GAMES. Janna was fine in a thong and no boots with white skin. 3 Toxic players: For the most part this didn't bother me since you can mute people... but a lot of my guild quit because of the toxic players. toxic players should be matched with other toxic players or people that leave or troll. Also make it so people that vote on the banner/ribbon system get rewards as well as the people that earn ribbons. And people should be able to have more then one ribbon. I don't remember what all the ribbons are but if you are helpful, team player, friendly and what ever the last one was... then you should get the rewards for each of those...... it shouldn't only be ranked players that get rewards.... having a friendly/helpful community is VERY important to the feel of the game.
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