PSA: Crowd Control is NOT a valid argument for counterplay against champions

More and more as broken champions get released as the game gets powercreeped ridiculously, i'm hearing less valid forms of counterplay where people's arguments are "Just CC him 4Head". Newsflash: 99% of the roster is weak to CC and especially hard CC simply because they cant perform actions, this form of "counterplay" can be used against any champion. Actual arguments for counterplay are for example: "Wait for Kled's W to go off on its own before engaging, it results in him having less damage output and making him take longer to mount up again". As we are inevitably doomed to be seeing more and more broken mechanics/champions, just know that saying you can "CC" them is not constructive in trying to beat their overloaded kit, they should not get a free pass to powercreep their game just because you can always CC the champion. If the only valid form of coming up with counterplay against a certain champion is CC, then there is often something wrong with the champion.
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