Roles of Identity and Gender Performance in LoL - Does it Work?

Hello - I'd first like to point out I'm mentioning this solely as some background opinions/overall understanding of these topics for a research paper I'm doing for a class on "Writing Through Games". This is purely for research, and I will not tolerate or instigate the fighting of opinions, harassment, sexism, homophobia.. any of that nonsense. (If this is still considered too instigatey, I will gladly remove it.) I'll begin with a background of both Identity and Gender Performance, and how you may see it in League. **Identity Performance** in a whole is the expression and choices made by someone (a player, in this case) in which they portray their own self-image, opinions and preferences as they interact with a game, society, or themselves. In League, you can choose to see this through your name choice, your icon, the champions you choose, and even the way you speak to and interact with your teammates and opponents. **Gender Performance** is specifically about gender, and how it is used through the gaming sphere. Often in games there are issues with gender separation, the idea of women being a genre rather than an audience, hyper-sexualization and weakness over strength. Considering your experience with League and having knowledge of the player base and the choices you are allowed to make: - Do you believe League (compared to other games) has a strong and wide variety of identities being shown? (Referring to champion pools in particular here) Is there a specific identity you think should be more included? - Do you think there is a need for more female champions that aren't busty, sensual and dainty? Or is it not an issue? - Have you ever experienced or witnessed discrimination against players based off of their IRL gender? - Do you believe there is a real difference between player ability based on gender? While other games such as RPGs show these performances much clearer than League can, I'm still interested in this game in particular for my assignment. All games have SOME sort of identity/gender performance, and none of these questions or answers are meant to shame or hurt Riot in any way.
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