unfair ban for toxicity

Ok..so i got a chat ban and i think i am gonna get perma banned imediately.The reason of that is: My team started flaming me for playing bad as a champion who i haven't play for years.I was pissed off so i started arguing with them. We was flaming eachother for the rest of the game and then my teammate said "go kill yourself ryze". So the point is : I got a chat ban after 5 minutes for "being toxic" , but that teammate who urged me to kill my self and the rest of the team didn't get even a chat ban , how is that fair? I'm actually sick of playing anymore , cause you can't try new champs without getting flamed and people can't understand everyone have bad games.By the way if you say something to a troller you will get banned , but what about him?{{item:3070}}
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