rioter of soical department please help me with (ingamechat) or any body please

I'm rather curious to know who developed the in game chat what is its purpose, I know it to communicate to fellow teammates but it really hard to do that in elo I'm currently in it purpose is for me to get chat restrict. Cause the way I was raised (Is that if you see person doing something wrong or doing something stupid you criticize them) through criticizing person it enables a person to at least try to do better at their task given but in game, this seems not so I'm confuse is telling person that there bad is BAD or should we be quite in game just deal with a person crappy play style or bullshit or use our freedom of speech to tell person that there bad or they doing something wrong or try different way Secondly why is toxicity bad I'm new to this moba thing I really would like someone to explain to me how toxicity is bad cause this game wait (sport) is the only 1 where you can't switch players if you have weak link in the chain it usually means your defeat or harder game to play in my experience this isn't fun rank isn't fun because of this it causes toxicity in the team, I think found formula (bad player = toxic player) I recently just started mobas I try currently the league of legends, dota2 and heroes of the storm those game deal with toxicity differently with my favorite being dota 2 even duh it kinda less fun it deals with communication much better than lol which I'm confused in that toxicity doesn't necessary mean much doesn't give chat restrict but instead put toxic players in low priority queue where all toxic and afks players are group to play with each other. hots don't allow you to talk to the enemy team in my opinion smartest way to deal with it so I'm gonna ask kindly any rioter or whatever they call themselves, to show me a solution to deal with in game chat. I personally don't enjoy this game way communication it takes itself way too seriously and don't allow freedom of speech anybody kindly forums tell me their secrets to dealing with in game chat do you ignore, just don't talk keep in all things you wanna say to person or express yourself in game if you do how you say it kindly or aggressively
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