S7 and down new players on their first ranked game were usually placed in low silver high bronze elo. Now we are seeing level 30 first ranked game players in low gold high silver and sometimes in even higher gold games. Now this just sounds stupid. Why would riot want to put more players in high silver low gold elo? The reason to this is the end of season rewards. These rewards will make players want to play more and more and more each season to get them. So if you are high silver you will spam the game and always have unbalanced promos to make it feel like your almost there. Or if you are low gold you will continue to fight to retrieve that same rank next season and not demote. Riot is now targeting all players instead of just the above average players. If all players think they are now better at the game they will want to keep playing. Its kinda a hit in the shin to everyone who thought they were doing amazing climbing these past seasons,and its really stupid that gold has now moved from above average players to just average players. Maybe im wrong though, just gathering my thoughts into this thread, if you have any counter arguments leave them below. Source: https://www.esportstales.com/league-of-legends/rank-distribution-percentage-of-players-by-tier
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