is my friend delusional??

so just recently during the season of ranked i had a friend that was hard stuck s4-s1. Hes been back n forth all season trying to get to gold, trying to perfect his "kda" or trying to get most kills so he can carry the game. Well hes been ignoring my advice of not going on auto pilot and playing ranked over and over dropping his mmr more and more. When were in game over discord he yells out "POKE THEM" or "YOU COULD COME AND GANK RIGHT NOW" (im a support/jungle main btw). He doesn't look at the win condition or other little things that are important and does not take into consideration what could happen in those instances. Anywho... my other friend convinced me to just create a secret account and grind and rank on there and i would be platinum by the end of the season, well sure enough i reach plat 4 ( i know to some of you thats shitty but idc ) without duoing with him for about 3 and a half weeks. So since he created a new account (this has been his 6th acc btw) his mmr was decent enough to gain viable lp to get him into g4 because i helped him get past his promos... now hes all big shit and saying "im gold haha" but yet hes still losing lp and running his mmr into the ground... so im asking you guys this... should i continue to rank with him? or just do normals and arams for fun?? do you think its healthy for my sake???
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