Hashinshin was a victim of the misconception of intentional feeding due to how loosely it’s used

And it has been used so loosely and so god awfully incorrectly that we’ve simply tagged players who die quite a bit as intentional feeders. 19 deaths is certainly a lot and if you go back and watch, none of his deaths were intentional. Were many of them bad plays he shouldn’t have done? Absolutely. However, *bad play is not intentional feeding.* You can say it until your face turns blue, but it does not make it true. And just because it makes **you** feel better to report someone for it and label it doesn’t adjust what the rule is. Let’s also stop pretending there’s dimension or scale to whether someone is intentionally feeding. There is no grey area here. You either are intending to die or you are not. If you make a play where you know there’s a chance you can die and it doesn’t work out, that is still not intentional feeding. This concept was instituted for people who run it down mid (a newer coined term during t1s pre reformed era). It was for people who intentionally die. It was not for people who have very bad games because if so, we need to be banning half the player base then because all of us have had bad games. “But HateDaddy, 19 deaths!!!” Stop it. It is a meme in high elo to camp hashinshin and people do it all the time just to piss him off. Was he a jerk to first time Viktor top? Yes. Is he toxic? Absolutely. And if Riot banned him for toxicity, I’d have no problem with it whatsoever. But what happened was not intentional feeding. It was him being cocky and abrasive as he usually is and he got embarrassed for it. That doesn’t deserve a ban, just a loss in LP and a lesson harshly learned (or maybe not). To close this out: I urge people to stop using the term intentional feeding so loosely and without knowledge of what it is. And I urge people to stop making up these non-sense terms like hard/soft-inting - it doesn’t exist. Once again, you either load into a game and decide to ruin the game for 9 others and run it down and die repeatedly (or even a few times; like was the case in a game with IWD where an enemy Amumu followed him around). This is black and white. Call them what they are: feeders, terrible players, whatever. But that is not a ban worthy offense and frankly hashinshins 19 deaths is like 10 deaths for a normal player since his play style draws so much focus on him. And all of us have had a few games like that and we don’t deserve to be banned for that either. For the last time: **Playing bad *is not* Intentional feeding**
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