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Why is it that junglers get a free pass on not having to do what their role is designed to do? If I'm top and I don't group or run over turrets I'm doing a bad job If I'm support and I don't heal, shield, cc, ward, whatever then I'm doing a bad job If I'm adc and I die then its adc in 2k18 lol If I'm mid and I don' whatever mids do then I'm doing a bad job But for heavens sakes why is it that if junglers don't gank then they don't suck, it's just not their job I get junglers can have a lot to do sometimes, and sometimes they might be uneasy about a gank or it just looks like they'll get nothing out of it. But how is applying lane pressure not HUGE part of their job? It may not be your only job, but if you're going to pretend like it's an afterthought or only if it's convenient then please just don't play the role.
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