Mage and Tank Mains should have their ability to vote removed and start each post with -1 vote.

The current board’s demographic is disproportionately of tank and mage mains compare to other champion-types. Indeed, this allows for these players to have an insurmountable advantage to the rest of the base. As a result, boards is a current echo-chamber for these players to be driven to tears about assassins and Yasuo. Moreover, these players also abuse their vote powers by ganging up on defenseless players from other classes. It is an epidemic that is causing an unfair depiction of what is actually happening in the game. Though I am no longer diamond on NA, I am formerly a 6 time diamond player and a current jugador diamante on LAN. This grants me the authority to call into action a plan that properly redistributes balance back into boards discussion that does not overwhelmingly favor mage and tank players. We will call this “The Fair Post Act of 2019” I thank you for your time.
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