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i just want to tell u guys about premates team duo . for example ( im playing solo alone rank game then the enemy team got duo premate 2 players so i just need to put on our team too duo premates 2 players in the same duo to make it fair enough cuz sometimes when the duo enemy teaming on me and its annoying when u dont have duo partner to help u or cover u or protect ur lane so if u guys can make it when someone trying to play duo in rank i need to give the other team duo too when they are searching for a game in rank im gonna give u an example in overwatch game when u playing with ur best friend or homie or whatever in the same team the enemy team have a group duo like me and my friend group u know what i mean so thats fair enough i think and make the teams equal fighting the last game i have played in rank i was playing solo then i noticed that the enemy team have 2 premates the sup and adc duo together and the top , mid duo together and they were teaming on me i couldnt do anything and i lost the game cuz they pushed hard couldnt even farm and get a kill its up to u guys im just giving u my opinion thank u and good luck riot games
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