I'm not really understanding why I got chat banned for this???

Game 1 UndyingTrickster: Vik, what lane are you in, again? UndyingTrickster: I can go if youi don't want to UndyingTrickster: Okay, just making sure mate UndyingTrickster: fair enough, I have lots of movement buffs. UndyingTrickster: Kayne afk? UndyingTrickster: that sucks UndyingTrickster: what? UndyingTrickster: You have more cs, hush UndyingTrickster: muted UndyingTrickster: I UndyingTrickster: Are you kidding me? UndyingTrickster: I think this Mf is trolling UndyingTrickster: They would have killed me If I tried to defend UndyingTrickster: What's useless about us buddy? UndyingTrickster: Please give me a good reason UndyingTrickster: Exactly, grow up UndyingTrickster: If you are his mate, you should suppport him and be there for him js UndyingTrickster: just saying UndyingTrickster: If you can't talk it out or work it out, then its time to find a new mate. UndyingTrickster: Why can't cho make a sentence UndyingTrickster: broke english UndyingTrickster: Don't talk back to me you troll. UndyingTrickster: Why do you play YI? UndyingTrickster: How can you not make a complete sentence UndyingTrickster: Its' true though. You sound like an idiot everytime lmao UndyingTrickster: You flame people, grow up UndyingTrickster: It's chill UndyingTrickster: chill out guys, geez UndyingTrickster: *blames team for death* Shut up UndyingTrickster: Nah, get muted UndyingTrickster: Yep ;) UndyingTrickster: same UndyingTrickster: Says the guy playing Yi UndyingTrickster: Lmao UndyingTrickster: Nah UndyingTrickster: 4 and 9 UndyingTrickster: Lmao, you're such a baby UndyingTrickster: Nah UndyingTrickster: Wasen't even talking to you? UndyingTrickster: You guys are pretty toxic UndyingTrickster: Don't poke at Cho, him and Yi are toxic players. They have been flaming this whole game UndyingTrickster: eh, doesnt matter to me UndyingTrickster: I don't attack players for having a bad game UndyingTrickster: lmao This Cho'gath and Yi were attacking the whole team the entire game, telling everyone how bad they were. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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