Thank you, Boards Community. (& smol giveaway - Concluded!)

[]( Over the past few years, you, the Boards Community, have given me a lot to be thankful for [[2016]]( [[2015]]( Fortunately, this year was no different in that sense; however, it was very different with respect to the entire direction of the Boards. This year, we've undergone some massive changes, and most notable of these changes were the shift to player-run moderation and the Boards Revamp Project. I'd like to thank you guys for being patient with us as we work to improve the Boards, and additionally for all of your feedback (both positive and negative) while we make/made these changes. As the restructuring for the Riot Games Volunteer Programs in North America approaches completion, and as phase 1 of the Boards Revamp Project comes to a close, we're beginning to shift and re-focus our efforts to come up with more Boards projects and initiatives that we hope you'll enjoy, so keep your eyes peeled. Our door is always open, and if you have an idea of what you'd like to see on the Boards, please feel welcome to drop us a message on [Discuss the Boards]( In the spirit of things, I'll be giving away a Mystery Gift for every 75 entries that we get, up to a total of 5 mystery gifts. What constitutes an entry? Drop me a number between 1-1,000; and if you want, feel free to also include something you're thankful for this year. Winners will be selected periodically from tomorrow until the 26th. We'll let baby RNG take the wheel from there. Happy Turducken Day! {{champion:268}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:34}} **List of Entries:** [Google Spreadsheet]( **How it works:** We'll be "topping off". The first people to select said number will receive a mystery gift. ie if a 3 is rolled and 3 people picked it, we'd have 2 more and it'd go to a second roll. If 2 is picked and 3 people picked 2, then only the first 2 people would get it. PS: Pls stop guessing 1, 444, 500, and 666 ty EDIT: The following 5 people correctly selected the magic number: I'll be getting home on Sunday, so I'll be reaching out to winners sometime after that period. I want to thank everyone who participated and especially those who shared their Thanksgiving blessings. I'll have something cool to show the rest of y'alls in a few days!
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