Yuumi's winrate makes sense and does not mean she is bad.

Like stop using stats to say she is bad since there are misleading due since she is around the 2nd most played support right now in every elo. Compare that to pyke who had a bad winrate while being played less and is easier to understand to play and play with. Like you have a new champ that no one really knows how to play and players with her don't know how to play with her. So yeah her winrate is going to be much worst then a lot of champs. I have played her and I can say that teammates don't know how to work with her since they see her as a support like raka or lulu who can save them from bad plays or plays like tower dives but yuumi can't do that as well leading to them just dying and saying yuumi does nothing. I also think she needs buffs but it is because I have played her and not because I'm looking at stats that mean nothing in this case.
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