Biggest dislike I have on League my coin termed: SAVE SYNDROME

KR Challenger Match: Deft, Meiko
ChallengerMatch | #KRChallenger | #LeagueofLegends League of Legends Challenger Match, Part: 582 More information: - Server: Republic of Korea. - Queue: Ranked Solo/Duo. - Patch: 8.18. Subscribe to get new challenger match daily: - Challenger Match: - Challenger Replays:
This is a video with the segment on how Xin Zhao is securing enemy's red buff. However, as he gets caught out, Nautlius tries to save him. It was too late for Nautilus to help and he got caught trying to save Xin. Renekton was lingering because he cannot make the decision fast enough. Would he go in 1 vs (#) or does he just want to back off. He does neither and Irelia hits a crowd control on him, seconds later he also dies. This is caused by 1 mistake from Xin; however,people have to SAVE the teammates. This in turns leads to kills for the enemy team. I just wish people understand the outcome and back off. This is even more relelvant in Korean SQ because people even try to flash in to block a incoming skillshot. Thank you and have a nice day!
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