Ranked is Frustrating

Ranked is so frustrating because unless you play the OP carry insta-kill champs and roles, you are left at their mercy. You either get the 20/0 carry or you get the team that feeds the carry 20 kills. There is no in between, there are no more close games, its always a stomp one way. 1-3 people on one team have double digits deaths and the other has double digit kills. You win or lose based on what team you are on, not how well you perform unless of course you are that super carry. Most people don't fall into that category though, they don't usually go 20/0 and but they also don't go 0/20. They don't abuse the meta god champs. So those people are just stuck in a RNG based Matchmaking where it either gives you the guy who has more deaths than assists in the past 20 games or it gives you the guy who is consistently overwhelmingly positive KDA. Do you really not deserve to climb because you aren't a Diamond level player on an S-tier champ? Thats how Ranked feels now. Doesn't matter how well I do, nope not one bit. I'm 50 CS up with 2 kills on my opponent? Doesn't matter I didn't get 10 kills and enemy mid laner has 9 kills and 3 complete items because our Jungle and Mid are feeding. A lane is either doing nothing and has absolutely no impact, feeding, or being fed. You try to ping objectives, get vision control, try to farm where you can, but it doesn't matter the Fed Yi just 1v4'd your team while you were rotating or warding. This isn't a "waah put me higher ranked" post. I know full well where I stand. But when I am consistently getting teammates who have double digit deaths BEFORE WE CAN EVEN SURRENDER, it leaves me to wonder if my skill even matters anymore. I can just luck into a higher Rank if MMR gods give me the winning teammates. This post is the opposite though, I don't want to be a higher ranked. I just want to climb when i am doing well, I want me doing well to have an impact. Just because I am not 1v9ing doesn't mean I don't deserve to climb, but thats what its come down to. 1v9 or accept your loss. I am sorry I am not a Diamond level player in Silver games... im just not that good and never will be. However, I am rarely ever the reason we lose and I am always trying to support my team in any way I can. I'd say on average I perform a lot better than my lane counterparts whether I am top or support, not always obviously or I'd be a higher Rank but I think enough that I shouldn't be losing as much as I am. Rant over. Tell me why Ranked is frustrating to you.
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