gaslighting ezreal and lux instead of just saying "We need a larger skin team"

***I don't play ez or lux*** there is no reason for us to rage about these champs getting skins, it's more solid of a point to make that skins provide income, income allows for job creation, so expansion of the skin team should be the priority. They should effectively triple their productive output, and make a point to put out at least one skin per champ each year. that's right, 1 per champ per year. they don't always have to be super spiffy, but just to break up the monotony for everyone who has a smaller roster that includes multiple of these champs or even one tricks who don't get skins. don't tell me the 2 million mastery skarner wont buy the skin, because he will. next: look at the tennogen program in warframe: Community members create skins that get voted in (Maybe by players with 100k or more mastery on those champs could qualify for the vote, being that they're likely to be more in tune with that champ's main community) So yeah in my idea community members make skins, they get vetted so not to be profane or potentially game breaking (like invisible hitboxes and whatnot), the skins go on sale for a determined amount based on what they offer. Riot takes 25% and the skin creator takes 25%, the rest goes into esports prize pools, a charity of the creator's choice, or league partnership programs. no reason to reduce the amount of skins for some champions to get some for others, I don't care if ezreal gets 100 skins in a month if there is a decent number of skins released
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