I know who ghostcrawler is, but i don't know whether or not i should hate him like others do...

1st of all...LAMEST. TITLE. EVER. But i don't know how else should make a topic that's asking a question. But my real question: 1- Why exactly the big hatred?!? 2- What are the mistakes he did? 3- How the hell did a marine biologist end up in developing games?!?!? I don't hate/blame people without a good reason, i admit that. I mean, like those plants in the jungle (which was from Ghostcrawler, if i'm not mistaken), were good add ups to the games, and people called it trash? Like why even? Red plant for escape/ganking potential, Green plant for extra sustain so you won't back, and the blue to make sure enemy has no vision. Like HOW IS THAT A BAD THING FOR THE GAME? So...somebody please do explain, thanks. Note: no need for essays. hahaha XD

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