We All Agree ROX Didn't deserve It Right?

So if you haven't heard about the problem yet. 2 LCL teams recently played each other one of which was ROX, a well-known team who had good mechanics, the other team was Vaevictus gaming, a team comprised of only female players, this is the second time an all-female team has seen any kind of spotlight. ROX decided in bans that they were going to ban all supports basically to make fun of the all-female team. ROX ended up winning the match with ease only giving one kill away to Vaevictus. After the stomp ROX was warned by Riot because they felt ROX was being sexist and discrimanative, they also warned ROX against pushing out the game so long as the game couldve been ended easily, but lasted for quite a bit. Now my personal opinion on this doesnt matter but Ill share it anyways, this didnt break any rules or regulations, so how is this punishable? I would cheating or doing something that gave them an edge, but banning champions that were all supports was funny and everyone thought so. Theres a reason all female teams arent a huge thing amoust the community, and thats because the team who did it would egt a ton of backlash and crave drama. Now, team Siren, which was the first all female team stirred up drama because of their super cringy and bad team introduction video, now Vaevictus has stirred up drama but being a team that told Riot to take action. This is also terrible on Riot because this shows how soft of a team they really are, some have even accused the esports team at Riot for being white knights. In my opinion, ROX shouldn't have gotten a punishment, if you want female teams to be taken seriously then have the be A). Good and not all of them be low-mid diamond, and B). Don't stir up drama. But Vaevictus just proved the community right, and now they're getting backlash, just look at the boards right now, posts littered with the topic.
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