I am having trouble winning games this season.

Generally speaking, although I haven't been playing as much this year, I feel like my performance on the game has improved since last season, yet I lose WAY more than I did last season. It is as if every game is decided without me having a say on the outcome. And that's not on the 40/40/20 rule, it's more like a 70% ratio over games I have literally no agency in. I can pop off and go 10/0, I lose. I can int and go 1/5, i win. I'm genuniely confused on what I should do. I've tried switching from mid to jungle, pretty much same outcome. I have stopped playing solo queue for a few weeks, coming back and having the same thing happen. I have played some other champions, still I don't seem to be able to make a difference in game. When I lose a game, it always feels unwinnable, and when I win a game, it feels like I just got the better team so it doesn't matter what I do anyway in either scenario. I know the only constant in my games is me, and generally that's what I would say to someone with the same problem, but last year, I was playing worse than now and I was on a 54ish% winrate, while now, I'm hovering around a 40% winrate. It's just so insane to me that this is a thing. Looking at what I'm saying just feels like I'm some bad player that blames his team for not climbing. It's literally not it. I don't care about climbing. I don't get anything from being high elo, so I don't care about getting it. I care about having fun in my games. Getting in games where your performance doesn't matter is just so unfun to play. I might as well be spectating friends. Every game is literally decided on which team has the better players/champions, or which team has the fewer soft inters/afk's. Maybe this is part of a larger problem of solo queue dropping down in quality, which I have heard from some streamers as well. Not really sure why I am asking boards for advice, that's like...just troll, but maybe other people have felt this way about this season?
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