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Project Azir - Project Azir sounds really weird at first but when you think more about it, its not that dumb his W could be those robots seen at the begining of the trailer for new project skins 2019- most cool if done right, would be the weapons of the soldiers they could have something like shotguns or some assault rifle shooting in short bursts, of course in normal range like when they have the spear but i will also be happy with some cool designed spear but i would love the guns and when using Q they could have some kind of bayonete and just stab anything that gets in their way of course there is nothing to chanche on E i gues just a diffrent path depends what colour he will be i would appreciate orange like yasuo and yi have, or red like zed and pyke have and his R could be like maybe if his soldiers are robots theys themself would transform in the wall ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ or if they had the assault or shotgun the gun could be like transforming into shield or it could be from their hand and maybe when they make the shield wall out of their left hands they coul hold the guns leaned on the shield just for cool effect i would just loved if this was in the game if this gets in the game i love everyone who upvoted this and helped to get this to Riot skin designers, thank you
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