Do you consider Zilean to be 'OP/Free Elo', or at least 'Solid/Strong'?

Im not asking because I ran into him in Ranked, and he rekt my face... Its actually the other way round. Im an OTP (1 KK Mastery), and he truly seems 'Free Elo', I swear. ... And trust me, I consider myself very very 'Unskilled'... xD Do you consider him to be 'Strong' at least? He hasnt received ANY Nerfs (Nor Buffs) in the last 4-5 years, since the rework (Same time in which he doesnt get a Skin, Lmao). The amount of Utility he gives is just sick... (27s CD Revive, in the Late game btw). He is a Strong Supp, but apparently has 53-54% WR Mid, weird. I want your opinions if possible, thx guys. :P Edit: Also, would you Nerf him? Or expect Riot to do so? Maybe he gets a Skin this year (As promised?), and everyone 'Discovers' him, then Nerf.
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